Monday, 1 March 2010

getting started :)

well, i've decided to start a blog :)

so heres a haul to start me off :)

I had a few hours for my lunch break today, so i decided to bus it into town and pick up a few things...

First Stop - LUSH

everyone has been raving about lush's bubblegum lip scrub - purchase number 1

it was £4.50 but smells soooo good!!

it's like pure sugar and can't help myself but accidently eat it :O

Then, i decided to try one of their fresh face masks but a lot of them smell icky but i got the cupcake one :) it smells pretty nice like processed chocolate and mint :) - about £5/6???

Then, i went to Primark to get some tights but i ended up getting this cute lttle purse and no tights :O - £1.50

Next up i went to Boots and picked up the soap & glory eye gel :)

their products usually smell really nice but this one doesn't have much of a scent to it but i love s&g packaging :) £7.84 i think :)

Next stop - River Island :) i really wanted some grunge boots but i don't think that i would part with £75 to get some especially as summer is nearly here :)

But they were just getting some boots in and i quite like them and i think they're pretty good considering they were only £30 !!!


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