Friday, 5 March 2010

February Favourites

Beauty products of the month :)

Now that the snow has finally gone and we're making that much needed transition into Spring, pastel shades are back!!!

My all time favourite this month is my nails inc. nail polish in Duke Street :)
it's this gorgeous lilac colour and it goes with everything!

Then, urban decay eyeshadow in Mary Jane. it's a metallic bluey silver that wearable alone but great with a charcoal colour to create a smokey eye.

Next up is my discovery of ELF -

it's a great cheap make up site with their regular line product at only £1.50

i came across it when trying to find some brushes that weren't too expensive. The studio line is slightly more expensive but their brushes are amazing!!! i think i own all of them now :) Maybe i'll do another order tonight...

i've heard a lot about the Barry M lipstick in 101, the totally nude one that literally camouflages into your skin. So, thinking i'd try it out i went to buy it from Superdrug but being more of a pink person :) i ended up with the Bubblegum Pink one in number 100 and i'm glad i did :) it's a true bubblegum colour and is great if you can pull it off :) i like wearing it with Benefits the gloss in no peeking over the top :)

Next up is this blush shade from Rimmel, it isn't in its original packaging so i'm unsure of the name :( but its a great middle tone between pink and brown shades :)

Back to Benefit :) i'm loving the Bad Gal Mascara in Blue. it's a purple shade and is meant to really enhance the white of your eyes and brown eyes. My friend got it for me and it's a bit of a change from a harsh smokey eye :)

Finally, Lush's Lemony flutter cuticle butter - the smell of this is gorgeous. it's oily but therefore very moisturising - great in this cold weather :) i only have the trial size but it is lasting forever :)



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